Our Goal

In a way, marketing campaigns are like a contest for people's attention. We want to highlight a business's most interesting aspects, in the best way possible. That's how our company was started: on the belief that great marketing can make a business stand out from the competition. When a business gets noticed, it gets to tell its story to potential customers. Before long, the customers will create more customers by word of mouth.

Our History

Create Contrast was founded January 2008 in Greensboro, North Carolina. Our experience and knowledge within business marketing and web development have led us to many business owners in many different industries. We are able to tailor our packages and services to work in collaboration with our clients and their businesses. Services offered include Web Development, Web Hosting, Graphic Design, Social Media Advertising and ManagementAdWords Management and Branding.

Our Ideal Customer

We offer services that are beneficial to many different business industries. Our e-commerce websites are designed to perform 24/7 with daily backups and data encryption, ensuring your online store is always available to customers. Our business platform websites are ideal for medical and legal practices, allowing to display large amounts of information in an organized manor and easily searchable. Restaurants and food establishments often benefit from our services from easy ordering forms on the website to stunning photography to feature on the website, menu and social media pages.
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