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The Visual “Elevator Presentation”

How Do You Explain Your Company in 30 Seconds?

When you are a business with just so much to offer, it can be a little hard trying to effectively execute who you are and what you are about. Developing Business Videos are a great way to quickly engage an audience on a brief 30-45 second commercial about your business. Keeping your business video short and to the point with a little embellishment, is an amazing advertising tool to utilize on your business website, Facebook and YouTube accounts.

Make it Happy and Catchy

Business Videos are all about creating a positive energy to the potential customer. Think about it.. When someone clicks on your video, their eyes are locked on the visual and audio components instantly. This is our niche here at Create Contrast. We can take a few facts and need-to-know information and combine with an eclectic visual, to orchestrate a powerful company story.. Or as we call it.. A visual “Elevator Presentation”.

Why Video is More Powerful

The key factor with a business video is to make the information or message acknowledged immediately. Often times, if someone is reading something, especially with baby boomers retiring and millennials taking over the customer-based demographics, information can be overlooked easily. With a video advertisement or company biography, you are capturing someones attention visually and audibly.