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Website Hosting Advice

Where Are My Website Files?

Depending on how you composed your website, your website files are on a non-local server. Websites on Create Contrast’s Server have private, dedicated resources, making load times extremely responsive (with the proper standard high-speed internet of course). If you built a website using a third-party company, your login files can be obtained by your service provider. Once you are inside your account, your service provider can instruct you on altering, transferring or purging data via their website portal, or FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

Website Data Backups

In today’s frightening web world, disaster can strike at any given second. Having your website files automatically backup can really be a life-saver in the event of a website hacking crisis. In addition to backing up your website files, it is also a very good idea to secure your website with a third party software to prevent hackers and blocking IP addresses.

Hosting with Create Contrast

Create Contrast offers a variety of hosting plans for the different sizes and types of websites a business can have. When you host your website with us, data is backed up every 24 hours and Google Analytics monthly reporting details are included.  We dedicate ourselves to our clients to ensure that their website is functioning like an efficient machine, generating leads, sales and overall recognition as a business and brand. Most website development and hosting companies do not include such services into one annual service cost. This is what makes us stand out from the competition. Our goal is to help our clients and their websites succeed.