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The Phone Book is Dead.. Use Your Smartphone Instead.

Who Still Flips Through The Phone Book?

Those who spend a hefty budget with phone book ads or other printed material advertisements could actually spend less and generate more leads by ditching the big heavy book and utilizing Google Adwords through your company website. Since a large population of todays population uses mobile devices to locate what they are looking for, taking a phone book ad budget and using it toward Google Adwords can open even more doors of direct marketing.

The Difference in Print Ads and Adwords..

Print Ads are a good way to briefly advertise to passing traffic, however there is no guarantee that the ad was even looked at. Developing a Google Adwords campaign connected with your company website can help you see specifically where the traffic is coming from. This allows more advantages for creating a targeted advertisement to draw in new business. In general, printed media continues to decline, as the convenience of smartphone and tablet technology keeps vital information virtually at everyones fingertips. Certain printed media groups are attempting to make an online appearance through smartphone and tablet apps with subscription costs.

What is Google Adwords?

Google Adwords is a service optimized for your business website, helping you obtain targeted PPC (pay per click) internet marketing for your business. At Create Contrast, we offer assistance to our clients by monitoring their Google Adwords account for their website, and orchestrate that data from the Adwords report to improve the website content. A consistent pattern of this Adwords monitoring and tweaking behavior will increase traffic, customers and business revenue.  Our budget-friendly options are here to help any person in any trade, get the absolute most out of their business website.

In conclusion, using your marketing and advertising budget toward non-print ads are found to be more beneficial in generating new clientele.

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